HTC Vive Goes Wireless $220 to Add – On booking from Friday

Oculus may be closed in 2016, as the touch controller, but HTC will launch in 2017, there are some special: a peripheral device, make its Vive wireless earphone.

HTC today announced a tether-less VR upgrade kit for its SteamVR device, made by TPCAST, one of the first of 33 companies to join the Vive X Accelerator. A preview version of the kit was shown off today at Alibaba’s “11/11” global shopping festival in Shenzhen, China. This is not the wireless prototype device in the works at Quark VR.

Below we have exclusive footage of the upgrade kit being sampled by Alvin W. Graylin, China Regional President of Vive at HTC. There are no wires connecting the headset to the PC behind the monitor.

Said in a telephone interview, Graylin, this experience will “greatly improve the overall” Vive experience, to delay factors such as there is no “significant differences”. The product will be able to use standard cell reservation, although Graylin says, will eventually sell more batteries. We were told the standard battery can provide power for about an hour and a half. A bigger battery will be on the user’s pocket.

HTC expects the device to be adopted by “avid” Vive users, though it could also be useful for businesses. Arcades, an area that the company is placing a big emphasis on of late, could have multiple Vive units without worrying about tangled wires and fewer tripping hazards, for example.

Former NBA Superstar Kobe Bryant (pictured) was the “first consumer” to try the new wireless setup

The upgrade kit will be available to pre-order on Vive’s Chinese website “in limited quantity” for 1,499 RMB ($220.33). The kit is said to ship starting in Q1 2017. According to HTC, pre-orders go live at 7 a.m. Pacific on Friday. Graylin said anyone could order the unit from there and pay for shipping. According to HTC, in a press release, “order fulfillment will give priority to existing customers, they can provide effective Vive serial number.”

Graylin said plans for local releases haven’t been discussed and he wouldn’t confirm if the tech could be integrated into future versions of the Vive, though he does “imagine technologies like this will become an option for future products.”

VR is based on the wireless PC industry in the third type of wireless VR cordless headphones, the other is the use of mobile phones and completely independent system equipment. The latter category is quickly gaining interest, with major players like Oculus recently showcasing their own solutions. Products like this upgrade kit might hit a nice sweet spot, allowing people to immerse themselves in complex virtual worlds with hand controls and full freedom of movement throughout a room.

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