LG is building a SteamVR headset to take on Oculus and Vive

This is a surprise. Valve has just announced that LG will be showing off its SteamVR headset at this year’s GDC, meaning the HTC Vive is no longer the only system running on Valve’s virtual reality platform.

We do not know a lot about headphones, but we should have more details to give you later this week. The valves are displayed with new system developers and get feedback, and we are expected to be a full-fledged computer transaction with at least a long time.

The valve is called “next generation” experience, so that certainly will be a lot more than LG 360 VR. Hope the room is like long live.

Valve release and pricing information will be told “after” and we hope this is a period of time. Interestingly, the HTC-Valve partnership is no longer an exclusive partnership.

Can we hear other companies soon? According to Gabe Newell, we should. “500 companies registered using the lighthouse, some of them are in HMDs (head mounted display),” he said in Reddit AMA last month. “A few people have spoken, but a group will announce when they are ready.”

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